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Compound microscopes with a personality that won’t quit!

Recent online surveys showed that a growing number of Americans use compound microscopes in order to decipher different secrets of the microscopic world. In this article we are going to talk about microscopes and their capacity to bring to light microorganisms, kept far away from the naked eye. It is important to know that instrument’s functions and capacity to render clear images of various specimens. Now, let us begin with the basics and take things from there. Microscopes are mainly used to safely magnify different objects and organisms, normally hidden from the naked eye. Standard microscopes are used in classrooms by biology teachers. Still, more complex microscopes can be used in criminal investigations, medicine, industrial and electronic work.


Brief history of microscopes

Who is the scientist regarded as the father of modern microscope? Well, according to most historians the person to “blame” is Antonie van Leeuwenhoew, a man that improved the microscopic technology. He took it upon itself to develop a powerful microscope, worth using in more complex research applications. This creative scientist used the work of Robert Hooke (Micrographia) and started to analyse small samples of water under the scope. At a careful analysis he managed to observe bacteria and different microorganisms. Furthermore mister Antonie van Leeuwenhoew is the first scientist to study with attention under the microscope biological substances like sperm, plaque and also blood cells. This is basically the man that had the guts to go into the unknown and emit working theories.

In the present a growing number of people want to fully control the research process. The key to proper results starts with access to a powerful microscope. Today there are commercial and personal use microscopes, equipped with a different functions and research settings.  You need to determine your skill set and ultimately control the overall research process. In today’s society it is pretty hard to imagine laboratories working without microscopes. These instruments represent in most cases the key to unlocking hidden mysteries. As a result, discovering the ideal microscope for your needs is more than important. You probably know that Alexander Flemming only through the use of a microscope he was able to discover the hidden virtues of penicillin.