Winter and research with microscopes

I often found that during winter time scientists patiently go about their job without restriction and discover pretty amazing stuff…

Today, I make a pledge of research nobility. I want to fully uncover as many things about microscopy as possible. Well, this is the same one I did a couple of years ago when I was younger. Those were certainly the days. My father always took the time to show me the ropes during research.  It represented moments for us to bond and still discover microscopy at its best. We had a laboratory in the house, safely kept away from the rest of the mansion, in order to provide intimacy during work. Every day we invested time in seeing as much as possible into the microscopic world, a complex and thriving piece of work which puzzled me. I decided in those happy days to become a scientist, more precisely a biologist. I loved the animal world, insects and cells. They were interesting and worth my time, not to mention that my dad was one.

Biology represented my first step into the scientific world, one that I never forgot. I loved every moment studying to become a biologists. My classmates were day dreaming whereas I tried to pay attention. I did my job well, and now microscopes are still my best friends, occupying an important place in my life. I tell you this: some dreams are worth fighting for, especially in fields like biology where the “fun” never ends. I hope more children begin their scientific journey at an early age. They will definitely love what they discover along the way.