How to properly use a compound microscope?

Professional steps on how to use a microscope!



People that own compound microscopes understand the importance of knowing how to properly handle the instrument. As you know, microscopes represent powerful magnification instruments, commonly used in various scientific laboratories. The device can be used in order to view in detail bacteria, tiny cell and blood samples. Precision needs to be present at every turn, thus enhancing the quality of your work. This particular scientific instrument uses at least 2 convex lenses which are safely placed at the opposite ends of the tube. Furthermore as the top portion of the tube, raise or lower the eyepiece, placing the image in the right focus. Manage better the microscope’s magnification process in order to focus and magnify better the image.

Every scientist understands the importance of analysing different specimen, shedding light on their complexities. Use with confidence the instrument in order to safely study better than ever. There are a lot of microscope procedures which need to be covered with attention. Well, we simply shed some light on them. If you want to use them, do so with confidence because they will upgrade your magnification process.

  • Familiarize yourself with the scientific instrument

The first thing you need to do is precisely inspect the head. There you will find the optical elements: eyepieces, nose piece, eyepiece tube and also objective lenses (there can be 5 lenses).

Study with attention the arm. You will see that the arm has the head connected to the base. Carry the microscope with attention, with one hand by the arm and the other one place it under the base. Furthermore examine with attention the base, which holds the microscope together.

  • Prepare with attention the slides

It is important to have the slides carefully prepared before you start studying. You have to position the sample between 2 pieces of advanced glass in order to make a slide. Afterwards you need to place the slide on the center of the stage, with precision, over the glass hole. Finally you should move the 2 stage clips over the respective sides of the slide in order to safely secure it in place.

That is where the fun begins. Are you ready to expand your study horizon and collect relevant data? If you are then consult some of the best compound microscopes reviews and use the information wisely. Complete your laboratory with skill and tools.


What is a compound microscope?

Let’s start with the basics!


Everyone can understand better the ins and outs of science. It comes as no surprise to see a sudden growth in science enthusiasts. Well, for most people working in the field, this particular reality is something quite special. Some researchers praise the wonderful work done by channels like Discovery, National Geographic, History, Science and even shows like The Big Bang Theory.

We owe them the media push which science desperately needed in order to be out there, in the eyes of millions of people, from children to adults. Parents want to teach their children how the world works, by taking simple things and transforming them into something special. Now, you have the possibility to help your children understand that there is something more to education than video games and the internet.

This is where compound microscopes come into play.

Before you start asking what are the best microscopes with camera (because that is what most people want for their little bundle of joy), you need to start with the basics. To this particular end you must first learn what is compound microscope, how to use, how to teach your son basic applications and afterwards end up with “homework” set of applications. It is important to know these things whenever you begin a scientific journey. There are many lessons to be learned and ultimately taught to the right persons. So, if you decide that science deserves more than simple words of appreciation, then choose wisely your work instruments. With the right scientific instruments, you will be able to create a productive research environment.


As you probably already guess, a compound microscope is an advanced scientific tool which can be used for a wide range of applications. It can start with medical applications, to studying different specimens from all places. Your surroundings can become a source of study, which is kind of cool, considering that it represents an unlimited source of study. Are you ready to enhance your scientific experience? If you are, then choose wisely the right product, capable of responding well to your research needs. Now, it is your chance to make things even brighter than they already are. The microscopic world can become visible, especially if you begin studying it with powerful devices, known for their high magnification levels.

Science is a virtue. Use it wisely!

Discovering the hidden world of microorganisms

In a time where science speaks the truth…

I love science and all that it has to offer. Fields like medicine, astronomy, history, anthropology, archaeology and biology are my favourite sources of wisdom, covering in my opinion all that matters to a well-educated person. As the latest statistics show, there are millions of people around the world that want to invest in the quality of their intellectual “health”. The growing interest for science, especially the one that is hidden from the naked eye delights me completely. At, least how doesn’t want to understand more about what goes on at a cellular level, where simple gestures are important? You might be wondering how can we possibly hope to learn and see what goes on at a place where eyes can’t take in images.

The answer is pretty simple: you have to use a professional compound microscope, advanced scientific instruments that can bring to light microorganisms in all their glory. Present in thousands if not millions of laboratories or home offices, microscopes can be used with confidence in order to study what our eyes can’t see. I personally own a great compound microscope, which took my passion for science to the next level, in a place where everything grows, dies and comes back to life. It is an interesting surge of micro-science that brings surprises after surprises, worth taking in!

Compare the best optical microscopes

Time to compare the best optical microscopes on the market!

AmScope 40x-1000x Advanced Home School compound microscope

Keith Roger, teacher and scientist, Chicago

In my years working as a teacher of biology, I’ve dealt with a lot of optical microscopes. My students went through rigorous examinations and tests in order to properly handle this important  scientific device. When it comes to professional microscopes, a basic understanding on how they work is more ideal. Going through technical information represents a good place to start. So, in order to find a reliable product that will not disappoint, you need to read detailed top optical microscopes compared.

Research is vital to any person that wants to understand the ins and outs of science. Fortunately, there are countless microscopes which people can use without problems in order to gather relevant data. To this end, we made some recommendations that you should consider. If you want to fully redefine your scientific experience and collect accurate data then some of the following models will prove to quite useful. As thousands of people are now using with confidence AmScope compound microscopes, it was only normal to analyze their top rate models. Students, teachers, children use AmScope microscopes in order to safely study different specimens without dealing technical restrictions.

AmScope 40x-2000x Full-Size 17 lbs trinocular microscope

Considered as one of the best microscopes available on the market, AmScope 40x-2000x Full-Size 17 lbs Trinocular microscope will certainly redefine your research precision. Receiving high marks of efficiency and quality from the latest compound microscopes reviews, this model is used by thousands of teachers in the United States of America and Canada alike. You have the possibility to upload images and videos from your research directly in your PC. Designed with high optical materials, this advanced microscope will certainly improve the way you study different specimens. Now, what more can you ask for?

AmScope 40x-2000x Biological Binocular compound microscope

It is important to have at your disposal a powerful compound microscope capable of improving the way you study. By investing with confidence in AmScope 40x-2000x Biological, you will make a significant step in becoming a real scientist. Are you ready to learn more? Well, this advanced scientific instrument offers 8 reliable magnification settings: 40x, 80x, 100x, 200x, 400x and higher levels of 800x,1000x and ultimately 2000x. You have the necessary force in order to get ahead in your study and leave behind and technical restrictions. Are you ready to study without restrictions every time you want? If you are then this is the microscope to use!

Read about the best compound microscopes for dummies

Top compound microscopes for dummies!


Who doesn’t love to study bacteria, blood, insects and microorganisms in high definition? Well, thousands of people want to research in style and without restrictions any specimens, essential to their study programs. You need to be in complete control during the early or advanced stages of the research. With accurate data, you will be able to advance easily and even draft up certain theories. The mysteries of medicine, biology, geology or even veterinary field become more visible and you start to understand them better. No more hidden meanings or secrets! No! With the right compound microscope you can expand the research pattern and limit the appearance of technical restrictions. Still, how can you find the most efficient model since the market is packed with a lot of products? Information will make all the difference in the world. To this end you must consult with attention some of the present best compound microscope reviews and use the information wisely. Informed and ready to go, you will be able to study anything you want in peace!

Expand your scientific horizon!

Observe with precision different specimens and get ahead in your study programs. You should realize that now, with a professional compound microscope things become a whole lot easier. Are you searching for a great model? Well, if you are then choose to develop a real insight on the functionality of top microscopes and thus redefine your whole research. Take things lightly and enjoy studying different types of specimens with ease. Collect high quality data and use it without reservations towards reaching a productive end. The latest top rated microscopes come equipped with advanced optical functions which permit you to take photos and even record videos of the specimen studied. This way you can set the bar of observation higher than your colleagues. It is very important to have at your disposal a reliable model that can break the rules sort of speak and ultimately improve the way you study different types of specimens.

It is your turn to equip your home or away laboratory with a powerful scientific instrument capable of bringing to the surface data which can be used during various phases of research programs. Are you ready to become better than ever in your field? Well, if you are then choose with confidence a great product, designed with attention, durable materials and recommended by thousands of satisfied users. Bring the best out of the microscopic world into your life, with ease!