Science, teachers and students

I do believe in microscopes


In my years as a teacher, I noticed a lot of things about microscopy. Students offered me the opportunity to safely go through thousands of biology, geology and chemistry hours. I learned with every hour why so many young men and women prefer the company of microorganisms instead of people. To be honest, microscopes offer us a fascinating bond with the hidden side of science. There are new things to see in every specimen studied. This is why I never let haters blow off steam on people who study microorganisms with microscopes. A day with the right research instrument will definitely change their  mind. The quest for captivating science starts with a simple decision: opt for a great microscope and start researching away. Now, some tricks of the trade can significantly improve your grip o quality data. Do the right thing and get your facts straight. Don’t listen to other people. You have to control every aspect of the research process.

Your life as a microscope owner becomes easier, once you read a couple of books on the subject. There are educational books and articles which need to be studied before hand. It is important to  know all the facts of the interaction with the microscope. Once you how to manage the study process, you will obtain quality results, worth adding to different projects.

So, start researching and good luck!

PS: have patience with the more complex projects.


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