Observation, the key to successful microscopic projects

Exceed your scientific limitations with the right microscope


Are you ready for some microscopic fun?


2014 is the year of science. Recent statistics demonstrated that more and more people with a special interest in science undergo different activities in order to learn new things. The possibilities are basically endless. Everyone has a particular opinion on scientific endeavours. As a result there is a multi-view on the whole research process from which adults and youngsters benefit. One of the most popular research instruments used by thousands of Americans is the microscope. This advance tool is mainly used to study microorganisms and tiny things, usually kept far away from the naked eye. So, you need to discover the ideal experiments in order to decipher the hidden functionality and living parameters of different specimens.


Top easy microscopic experiments

microscope flower


Studying saliva cells

One of the simplest microscopic experiments has saliva in the center of attention. It is easy to obtain saliva samples and place them under a microscope slide. Furthermore studying saliva is very interesting because it offers a comprehensive insight in the functionality of your body. You can use a toothpick in order to safely wipe a bit of saliva from your cheek. The second thing that you have to do is gently place the saliva on the microscope slide and close it with a cover slip. You have to leave the saliva to dry in the slide. Place methylene blue dye in order to color the cells that need to be studied. That is all you have to do.


Studying flowers

Flowers are everywhere. You can study them by hand. Just pick one out and place them under the microscope. As thousands of people pointed out, flowers represent an interesting thing to study. The wide variety of flowers ensures different results, with pretty amazing visual elements. You will notice that pansies come with finger-like papillae, offering a smooth velvety texture. Now, it is important to know that papillae are available in a wide range of sizes. Pistils are also great for study, especially after they’ve been properly extracted. Each hair of the single cell is ideal to examine. You can use stereo and compound microscope in order to learn more things about nature.


You can safely opt for a portable microscope in order to go through different microscopic experiments. Due to the portable design of the research instrument, you will be able to enjoy heightened microscopic flexibility. You need a powerful microscope in your research kit. Today’s interest for real science is growing and as a result you should invest in a reliable microscope. Discover the joy of microscopic research through a powerful research tool. In 2014 you will be able to discover fascinating things without problems.


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