Simple ways to discover hidden microscopic worlds

Exploring microscopic secrets


First of all, I am a teacher. Five days a week I enter the classroom and teach biology to students. This is a field that often brings to light more about the human condition than any other field. Biology, in all of its extent represents a science that has to do everything related to the human body. Students find such subjects pretty boring. In such conditions I resort to one trick: compound microscopes. These research instruments offer a clear and detailed view of tissues, blood cells, hair follicles, nails and many more. It is important for children to understand more about the tiniest things of the organism. What the naked eye can’t see, microscopes offer assistance. Furthermore, I observed that children love watching different things under the microscope. It is pretty refreshing to see child gasp in amazement and question everything that they see. Making children question things is exactly what brings joy to day to day teaching.

Teachers relate to what I’m saying. Keeping kids interest to the subject at hand can be difficult but not something impossible, especially if we offer them interesting research instruments. As you can imagine, children react amazingly to new things, new ways to study. Fortunately in 2014 schools can afford different microscopes, capable of offering joyful insights into the microscopic world. The growing need for scientific fields in schools, a demand coming from thousands of parents, has enabled schools to allocate more funds to such investments. Children benefit from such decisions and teachers are happy to offer hours of fun and study enthusiasm. It comes as no surprise to see the growing interest for science and in particular biology. As a teacher I am happy to be part of this “mind revolution” and hopefully in the following years it will continue to capture the hearts of children.

The time has come to invest in our children’s capacity to explore and understand the world around them! Sounds like a great plan, no?


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