How to properly use a compound microscope?

Professional steps on how to use a microscope!



People that own compound microscopes understand the importance of knowing how to properly handle the instrument. As you know, microscopes represent powerful magnification instruments, commonly used in various scientific laboratories. The device can be used in order to view in detail bacteria, tiny cell and blood samples. Precision needs to be present at every turn, thus enhancing the quality of your work. This particular scientific instrument uses at least 2 convex lenses which are safely placed at the opposite ends of the tube. Furthermore as the top portion of the tube, raise or lower the eyepiece, placing the image in the right focus. Manage better the microscope’s magnification process in order to focus and magnify better the image.

Every scientist understands the importance of analysing different specimen, shedding light on their complexities. Use with confidence the instrument in order to safely study better than ever. There are a lot of microscope procedures which need to be covered with attention. Well, we simply shed some light on them. If you want to use them, do so with confidence because they will upgrade your magnification process.

  • Familiarize yourself with the scientific instrument

The first thing you need to do is precisely inspect the head. There you will find the optical elements: eyepieces, nose piece, eyepiece tube and also objective lenses (there can be 5 lenses).

Study with attention the arm. You will see that the arm has the head connected to the base. Carry the microscope with attention, with one hand by the arm and the other one place it under the base. Furthermore examine with attention the base, which holds the microscope together.

  • Prepare with attention the slides

It is important to have the slides carefully prepared before you start studying. You have to position the sample between 2 pieces of advanced glass in order to make a slide. Afterwards you need to place the slide on the center of the stage, with precision, over the glass hole. Finally you should move the 2 stage clips over the respective sides of the slide in order to safely secure it in place.

That is where the fun begins. Are you ready to expand your study horizon and collect relevant data? If you are then consult some of the best compound microscopes reviews and use the information wisely. Complete your laboratory with skill and tools.


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